Global Enviro Science

 "Water will be more important than oil this century"-

Boutros Boutros Ghali, Former UN Secretary General 


Global Enviro Science LLC(GES) is devoted to providing the most environmentally correct solutions for a variety of the world’s environmental and water problems.  GES projects include Wastewater Treatment for Reuse, Desalination, Water Purification, and Bioremediation.  GES solutions are engineered to be sustainable and economically viable.  Our solutions are used by governments, military units, municipalities and industrial entities, with project installations that span the globe. GES believes in providing the highest quality products and equipment to our customers, and we take pride in our dedication to helping our customers become good environmental stewards. 

Recovery and Reuse are the cornerstones of GES wastewater treatment solutions.  Whether you are an Oil and Gas Company interested in the recovery of residual crude oil from produced water or a Mining company interested in residual minerals and reusing wastewater, GES will employ state of the art technolgies to maximize residual income opportunities.  In addition, GES is capable of treating wastewater effluent to any standard.​ 

 GES projects are primarily in Africa and the Middle East, however, we maintain a Global reach.  We have manufacturing capabilities on 4 continents.  No project is too big or too small.  All our projects are environmentally correct and economically sustainable.  Our company is constantly evolving and growing. Contact us to find out if our technologies can provide a water solution for your business or country. 


ges services



GES treats O&G produced water for recovery of residual oil up to 99% and water reuse in arid drilling locations.   



GES reclamation and reuse of mining wash wastewater can reduce freshwater consumption by over 90%. 



GES sewage treatment plants dramatically reduce sludge and produce effluent for reuse in many applications. 



GES seawater and groundwater desalination systems are used for agricultural irrigation, potable water and industrial applications. 



GES provides In-Situ and Ex-Situ bioremediation of contaminated soil and water to meet environmental regulations.



GES provides environmental and water treatment consulting services to companies and governments  on request. 


GES offers a wide range of turn-key environmental remediation and process application systems and solutions, using various unit processes such as activated carbon, filtration, pH adjustment, disinfection, chemical addition including coagulation and precipitation, oil/water separation, soil vapor extraction, heavy metals removal, air stripping, catalytic reactors, air, oxygen and ozone sparge, plasma electro-coagulation, and ion exchange, and many more.

GES can provide any combination of the above mentioned processes in fully integrated systems that are pre-fabricated for ease of on-site installation. Additionally, with our experience in process automation, our customers are given the option of fully hands-off operation with Programmable Logic Controllers, off-site monitoring and telemetry, and control logic design capabilities.